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I started a third vermicompost tray this afternoon with assorted spent broth veggies, eggshells, coffee grounds, and some browning apples culled from the box in the basement (because, remember, one rotten apple spoils the bunch).

February is the first seed-starting month of the season, so I want to make sure I’m well-stocked with worm compost for blending my seed-starting mix by then.

I also started (finally!) my seed inventory (in a NEW farm journal–I’m now in my second decade of keeping them), so I can begin to see what I need to order, what I need to use up, and what I can contribute to a possible community garden seed swap in the spring.

To my immense relief, I am not going to have to re-order any of my usual heirloom tomato varieties–I still have a decent stock of saved seed from previous seasons.  Because I was unable to save more tomato seed due to disease issues arising from the cool, wet weather in 2009, I was worried that I’d have to start all over with some varieties.

That turned out not to be the case–I’m still able to work from the seed I’ve been saving and improving for this region and climate.  Whew!  But, I will have to do some serious saving of a number of varieties this season.

I also get to order a few new varieties–I’ve only got a couple of slicers in my line-up (Ananas Noire and Zapotec Pleated), and I’m kicking out a few that I haven’t been happy with.  One I know I want to try is Millet’s Dakota from Skyfire Garden Seeds.  It’s a pretty standard red tomato for me, but its description is compelling.

I’m sure I’ll be looking for an orange slicer as well–I did like Nebraska Wedding, but I’m out of that variety and looking for some other possibilities.  Then there’s the choice: Green Zebra or Aunt Ruby’s German Green?

Hmm.  Well, there’s a lot more boxes of seed to go through and catalog before I get to filling out the order forms.  And I’m still waiting for the Territorial and Seed Savers Exchange catalogs…


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  1. You may wish to try one of my newer lines of tomatoes with Ananas Noir and Green Zebra in the ancestry. The flavor and colors of my Volkersrinckhove would be a great trial for you.

    I have a new line of Zapotec hybrid material being stabilized also.

    I have been growing the Green Zebra for 37 years now.

    Tom Wagner

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