Potato Sweet Corn Soup with Bacon and Onion–in pictures

Homemade Chicken Stock

It helps to start by having a good stock on hand. You can use the fat from the stock to cook the onion if you don’t have bacon (or use butter). Otherwise, ladle the fat off the jar of stock you’re going to use for the soup.

Local, thick-cut bacon

Cut three or four slices of bacon into small pieces and start rendering their fat in the bottom of a heavy soup pot.

Garden onion and local sweet corn

Chop an onion and add it to brown with the rendering bacon pieces.

Local red potatoes

Wash some potatoes and pare off any nasty/sprouting bits.  My potatoes are getting a little wrinkly, but they’re still good.

Slice the potatoes into small pieces and put them in the soup pot along with any herbs you like, the stock and some water if needed just to cover the potatoes.  Simmer until tender–you can mash the potatoes in the pot a little, too.  When the potatoes are tender, add the corn and salt, pepper, and a little milk or cream if you like it.

Potato-corn soup with bacon and onion

Of course should should serve your homemade soup with a crusty homemade whole grain bread.  Some sharp cheese wouldn’t hurt, either.

Oat & whole wheat bread

Local ingredients: chicken stock (chicken, apples, onions), bacon, potatoes, onions, sweet corn, milk, whole wheat flour (in the bread).


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