New Theme–You Like?

I decided to switch to a different theme for the blog–no custom header on this one, but I do like the green stripes and the separated widgets on the right hand side.

What do you think?


5 responses

  1. The webpage looks great, however, the email had nothing in it. I suppose that was purposeful since you didn’t put any photos, etc., into the email html.

  2. Huh–nothing as in text? Or just nothing? The theme probably doesn’t matter to those who get my posts via e-mail, since they’re not reading at the site.


  3. Hi Rebecca,

    I think the new theme will make it really important to include photos in your blog posts since you won’t have the header photo to always provide an image. Photos catch the eye and help convince casual/first-time visitors to take the time to read. For regular readers, not so important.

    • Thanks for the feedback! I definitely agree on that point, and I’ve been trying to provide more images in posts lately–especially closer to the top of the post.

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