Little Obsessions: Tiny Bowls

The collection is growing...

Walked downtown on an errand this morning and stopped in at the Civic Council, Vermillion’s flagship thrift store.

There wasn’t a ton that interested me–a lot of the shelves looked fairly bare, but I did find a couple fun things–a wire mesh basket with handle that’ll be great for harvesting cherry tomatoes (and has the added benefit of being sterilize-able), a little piece of embroidery, and a sweet little bowl, too.

Is it just me, or does that look like a...

I’m not sure how this all started, but I’m starting to amass a collection of little bowls.  I’ve got plenty of cereal and soup bowls, bigger mixing bowls of glass and Pyrex and stainless, and a great, big stoneware bread bowl, too.

But it’s the little ones–single, usually (though a couple have mates) that I can’t stop myself from picking up.  I like the fun designs and interesting shapes–some wide and saucer-like (and the gold-rimmed cherry blossom design is a saucer–I’ve got the cup), some only big enough for a couple minced cloves of garlic or a little mound of spice.

This handled green oven-safe stoneware one came from the famed Ghost Town Rock Shop in Okaton, South Dakota.  I picked it up on my way out to Rapid with a friend for the Dakota Rural Action Local Food Summit.

This scalloped salmon-pink duo is also oven-safe–they’re Fire-King, an earlier rendition of Pyrex.  I found them at the Civic before Christmas last year, and I’d planned on giving them as a gift to someone or other, but they never got out the door. 😉

Love the detail on this handmade stoneware bowl from a local artist.  I bought it at an on-campus art sale a couple of years ago–it’s a nice size for granola or just a little soup-snack–it’s a little more hearty in size and heft than most of the little bowls in my collection.

I don’t remember for sure who the artist was, but I think it might be Darcy Millette based on what I can make of the bottom signature.

A lot of the bowls I have are fairly mass-produced–though some of the older ones might be hard to find now–as I said before, I’ve only got a couple with mates.  But I prefer that–I’m not necessarily one to have a set of matching dishes–I like to have lots of fun variety.

The ruby-colored square one featured in the group photo at the top is “Charm” pattern Depression glass.  I had a green one, too, but it broke, and now serves as a garden ornament (somewhere under all that snow).



3 responses

  1. I too am charmed by bowls of all kinds and have amassed more than I know what to do with… I tell myself they are useful and therefore are allowed to be purchased! One can always use a bowl! Love kitchen “working” bowls – to mix when cooking and baking. Love big bowls – for salads and veggies, bread bowls, etc.. Have soaps in bowls all over my house – literally! I’m also deeply charmed by cakeplates…something about them says “take time to enjoy a peice of cake that someone made from scratch”…

  2. My Mother had a complete service for 12 of the white ones with the light blue rim and the circular design of shades of blue with some green on it. When you showed the closeup of the one with the rooster on it, you had that one propped up in the one I am referring to. She got them, I think it was a place setting at a time in a grocery store.

  3. I’m a tiny bowl lover too. I am drawn to them in some weird fetishie kind of way. They are so perfect for dipping or just a tiny scoop of ice cream. They have no spilled over into my bedroom and bathroom for holding change or earrings or whatever :o)

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