Vermillion to hold "Citizens Academy"

The City of Vermillion will be holding a “Citizens Academy” in the months of February and March to provide residents over the age of eighteen with “a  free, hands-on, interactive public information program that allows citizens an insight into City services and the functions of City departments.”

The purpose of the Citizens Academy is to familiarize citizens in the community with the City of Vermillion’s government. The program will include the function of City departments, explain the relationship between the City Council, Planning Commission and City Administration, allow an overview of the budgetary process and it will provide an outlet for citizen input.

The program sounds great for those interested in running for public office who don’t fully understand how the whole thing works, as well as folks who just want basic knowledge about the workings of their fair city.  The sessions include city government and finance, water, landfill and recycling, emergency services, streets, and more.

“Graduates” of the academy will receive a “Governmentology” certificate and a key to the city–no more breaking and entering! The sessions start at 5pm and run for two Tuesday evenings in February and three Tuesdays and a Monday in March.

Click here for the City news bulletin (scroll down the page to “Citizens Academy”) and/or contact Evie Johnson at 677-7159 or for more information.


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