Lovely Weather Out There

It hasn’t even been snowing very much.  Which is probably a good thing.

H an I made a run out to the farm in my little truck this afternoon.  It was a good thing I was driving painfully slowly–as I was coming up on the edge of the shelterbelt, I couldn’t see the road ahead with all the wind and blowing snow.

H had to navigate the drifts and walk in while I tried to get the truck turned around in the middle of the road so we could get back out.  I snapped this image during a brief break in the white-out.  The drifts across the road were two to three feet high.

The following images were taken once I got turned around and was waiting for H to come back out so we could head back into town.

Local ingredients: snow, wind.


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    • Here’s a link with an actual image of the page from the cookbook I make it from–along with all my notes.

      I make it every couple of years–we don’t eat a lot of it, but it’s just the thing when you want a sweet, lightly curry-tasting relish. Definitely cut down on the sugar from the recipe–it will be plenty sweet enough. I use yellow squash because it’s prettier.

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