Monday Sandwich Supper

You can’t eat soup all the time.  We don’t tend to tire of it often, but we did have another turkey-borlotto bean-roasted summer veggie stew last night and the leftovers of that for lunch (before we headed out to check on the farm in the blizzard).

Tonight was a toss-up between going out someplace (H was lobbying for reubens) and staying in and getting creative with bits and pieces.  Do you know how miserable it is out there?  We opted to stay in.

Yesterday on a supply run at the grocery store, I bought an obscene amount of parsnips (this is what happens to me in a prolonged and ugly winter).  So, I peeled and chunked-up a few of those, tossed them with sweet and savory spices (cinnamon, nutmeg, marjoram, garlic, salt and pepper) and olive oil and roasted at 350 ’til tender.

While they were roasting, I drank a glass of wine and emptied out the fridge (well, not entirely).  I shredded some of that leftover local turkey, then toasted a few slices of Mr. Smith’s olive bread and spread them with Vegenaise and my homemade sweet curried zucchini relish.

On top of the spreads: a layer of very thinly sliced red onions (yep, we’re still eating the ones I bought from Patti this summer), a bed of arugula, a generous amount of the shredded bird, and several slices of Dimock smoked cheddar.

When the parsnips came out, the oven went up to broil, and I slid the sandwiches in to melt the cheese.  I topped them with another slice of toasted and Vegenaise-spread olive bread, plated them up along with the parsnips, and cracked open what I think was the last jar of 2008’s Di Saronno-soaked local pears.

Yeah, I’ll have a sandwich for supper any old time!

Local ingredients: turkey, zucchini relish, red onions, smoked cheddar, pears.


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