Little Obsessions: Soap

I am a terrible soap-hoarder–from sample slices of goat milk soaps bought on vacations, to bars fashioned out of the last saved bits of old bars, to the gallon of Dr. Bronner’s lavender I keep stashed along with a smaller bottle of almond.

But when I get low on Hemp, Hemp Hooray soap, I really start to worry.  So today, I’m making another batch.

The hemp glycerin soap base is from Ponte Vedra Soap Shoppe.  It comes in big blocks that need to be cut up and melted down slowly.  I guess I could gather ditchweed and make my own hemp oil, but that seems like a project only to be undertaken when civilization as we know it breaks down and weed crews quit spraying the hemp.

That, and I’d hate to get pulled over with garbage sacks full of fat buds in the back of my truck.  But, officer, I was just gathering seeds to make soap…

Once the glycerin is melted, I’ll add olive oil, coconut oil, buttermilk paste, and a sprinkling of calendula petals. Then it’ll get a few drops of rosemary and grapefruit essential oils before being poured into the molds.

I’ve got a few actual soap molds given to me by a friend (who also gave me my favorite soap recipe) and the rest will get poured in wide-mouth half-pint canning jars, which make a great round bar.

The curing time for this soap is about six weeks in a dry place.  Once I unmold the bars, they’ll go on a baking rack on top of the fridge to start the drying process.  Once they’re fairly dry (no longer actively “sweating”), I’ll hang them in a small mesh onion sack. The longer they dry before use, the longer they last in the soap dish.


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