Today at the Market

Today I’ve got a great line-up of spring greens again!  Goddess Mix is in ample supply, and so are nice BIG bags of sweet little green lettuce heads for your Memorial Day party.  Goddess is $4/bag and the lettuce is $3.50.

I’ll have spinach too, and if you’ve been enjoying it, I should let you know that this will quite likely be the last week due to the hot temperatures.  Since this is the second cutting (meaning some of the leaves are sliced across the top from the first cutting), I am reducing the price to $3/bag.  It’s still fresh, crispy, and delicious!

A new treat this week is big bunches of fresh turnip greens.  These are super-traditional for eating with ham, salt pork, or bacon, but they’re also awesome sautéed with a little garlic and soy sauce.  I like them cooked and dressed with a splash of apple cider vinegar!  They’re $2/bunch.

It’s also the last week for the radishes–75¢ a bunch, colorful, and snappy.  Did you know you can eat the leaves?  Here’s a link for a great radish leaf pesto recipe, courtesy of the Chocolate and Zucchini blog.

Last but certainly not least (do I dare say it?), I’ve got just a couple of boxes of fresh strawberries today.  They are first-come, first served, so please do not be disappointed if you do not get some.  The season is just starting, and I know other local growers with patches much larger than mine will be bringing some to the market soon.

Hope to see you at the market today from 3-7pm on the Clay County Fairgrounds.

Our Saturday downtown market will start next weekend, June 5th, from 9-noon in the public plaza on the corner of Main and Market Streets–mark your calendar!  I will probably not be selling there, but there are plenty of other great vendors who will be.


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