Now We're Cookin'

Did I mention I got  three big bags of fresh chicken manure for the compost pile?  I turned the compost and added it about a week ago, and it has been in the 110-degree area for several days.

After a productive holiday weekend, wherein I managed to get all the tomatoes in the field that will currently fit there (and the ground cherries, too), I started out this week with a CSA harvest of garlic scapes, turnip greens, broccoli raab, big bags of Goddess salad mix, and a few strawberries for everyone.

I also met this handsome fellow (or lady–I didn’t sex the snake) on my way back up to the house, and he/she allowed me to take a few images:

I would guess he/she’s about two and a half feet long–a toad-eater probably.

I always have mixed feelings about the garters when they get this big–I’m sure they’re still eating things I don’t want in my garden, but they also eat things I do want–specifically the aforementioned toads.

The (hopefully) big 2010 toad hatch hasn’t happened yet–it’s always interesting to see what kind of year it’ll be for them.  Typically it comes around the time of the “June rise”–when we get our customary wet weather in early June.

Looking at this afternoon, tonight, and tomorrow morning’s forecasts, I’d say we’re right on schedule for that.  I just hope it doesn’t hail on my pretty greens!

And since I can’t very well just post images of compost thermometers and snakes, I’ll leave you with this–an image I took a couple of weeks ago during the CSA harvest–when my blog image uploader wasn’t working.  I’d hate to let it go to waste!

The radishes are all done now in my gardens–I cleared out the rest and sold/delivered them last week to make room for the ground cherries in the northeast garden.  But they live on in the images–I was particularly fond of the new golden variety I grew this year called “Helios.”


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