Remember “One Bed“?

Here’s what’s coming out of it now:

I guess all that work broadforking and amending and smoothing really paid off.

Yesterday, in order to start harvesting all those carrots, I had to pull off the cages I’d set over the top of the bed to keep critters out of the newly-seeded crop.  Except, of course, all the greens had grown up through the cages, so it took a little gentle tugging.

I pulled up one side of the caging and flopped it over gently on the side, then went around and extracted it from the other side of the carrot row.

Except that, in the mad rush to get out of the shadiest (and therefore, most mosquito-infested) part of the garden yesterday after harvesting for market, I forgot to pull the last cage completely off–just left it flopped over, tugging on the back row of carrot greens.

Oops!  So, I had to go back out late this morning in the rising-toward-95-degree temperatures.

That gave me the perfect excuse (no really–I did have to get the cage off those carrots!) to draft H into helping me erect a three-cattle-panel trellis and finally (FINALLY!) get the shell beans in.

And I have to say that even with the steamy temps, it was a heckuva lot more pleasant working out there in the late morning in full sunshine with a nice breeze that it was yesterday morning in calm, cool, dewy, and shady conditions that caused me to need to apply DEET twice just to get through a two-hour harvest period.

And did I mention I got the shell beans in?

I’ve written about these beans before–they’re the Bingo borlotto beans I got from Territorial Seed last year and was absolutely infatuated with–even before cooking with them.  Once I actually ate them, I became a little obsessed.

Last year I grew them on two three-panel trellises, but on both fences they were interplanted with tomatoes.  This year, they’re only getting one trellis, but it’s absolutely their own.  I’m hoping that because they’ll have a little more room, I’ll get as big of a harvest this year off the one trellis as I did last year off two.

And, there’s some seed left over just in case I need to re-plant from rabbit damage or other problems, plus another whole big honey jar full of beans that I get to eat before this year’s crop is ready for fresh-shelling and eating.

While H was measuring out and driving the t-posts for the trellis, I pulled weeds with both hands (thanks, Coyote Cherry, for your volunteer spirit, but I only need 3 plants, not three hundred) and tried to get a little closer to how great my garden looked before we got fifty bazillion inches of rain in one storm after another (next is scheduled for tomorrow night).

We carried in the panels and secured them together, I mixed the bean seed with innoculant, then got to planting.  That done, and seeing that M was still happily engaged up at the house, I walked back down, pulled out the stirrup hoe, and knocked out a few dozen more thistles and grass clumps in the west garden before calling it a (HOT!) day.

Oh, and I found this:

I think it’s a Talon yellow onion (again from Territorial), but it’s not one that I started this year.  Those are all growing in blocks of four elsewhere in the garden.

This was in my catch-all garlic-onion-shallot-leek bed in one corner of the west garden–it must’ve been too small to harvest last year and got plopped in the “random and volunteer”  allium bed during fall cleanup.

It’s looks prime for eating now, so I yanked it out and brought it home with me as a trophy of my successful farming morning.


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