Update on Today's Market

Just finished the second round of harvesting for market today.  Little bits of lots of different tasty treats!

Because we’ve got a vendor coming with fresh tomatoes (I certainly can’t beat that!), I decided to focus some of my harvest toward wonderful and fragrant herbs that will go nicely with summer salads and fresh tomatoes in particular.

I will have a few baggies of fresh basil (of course), bunches of the best Italian flatleaf parsley ever–Prezzemolo Gigante, as well as lovely, ferny bunches of bronze fennel.  I know I plan to get my hands on some of those tomatoes and make a salad with all of the above!

Also on today’s market table, I’ll have some tender young summer squashes, a very few Jimmy Nardello heirloom sweet frying peppers, and a couple of bags of Marvel of Venice beans.  I also dug a few bunches of baby leeks for today’s market, and clipped a basket full of fresh dill heads for pickling, bread-making, and salads.

p.s.–I just saw that bunches of parsley are going for $1.69 in the grocery store.  Mine will be 50 cents a bunch, and quite a lot fresher.  Get to the fairgrounds early for the best selection–we open at 3pm.


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