Splendid Summer Feast

Being stuck inside all afternoon to avoid the brutal heat has its advantages!

It started with the tomato salad, which I’d been planning since I brought the tomatoes home from market on Thursday.  I had thought to do it traditionally, with sweet basil from my own garden, but I had some nice fronds of bronze fennel and some flatleaf parsley to use up.  Otherwise, it’s straightforward–tomatoes, herbs, olive oil, salt, and pepper.

I ate part of it for lunch with the Red Wagon Artisan bread picked up at Saturday’s market–its bubbly open structure is excellent for mopping up juices.  We had the bread for dinner, too.

Then there were the eggs–I had way too many in the fridge, and they’d been there so long I had to float them to check if they were OK to eat.  I found seven that fit nicely in the bottom of a saucepot for hard-boiling.

When they were cool, they were peeled and split, and their yolks mashed with Vegenaise and mustard.  I am not one to get fancy with piping in the filling on deviled eggs–this meal was just for H and I, so an informal spooning-in was good enough–with a sprinkling of parsley.

The fennel from the tomato salad was echoed in the coleslaw–I had one last half a cabbage in the fridge and chopped fine, it combined nicely with some grated carrot, the fennel, and some crumbled dried green onions.  The dressing was my standard simple sprinkle of sugar-white balsamic-olive oil blend.

Last, but not least, a pan of steamed Marvel of Venice beans with butter and a smidge of salt.

I love these veggie-heavy meals with lots of little dishes–there’s such an abundance of flavors and it sits lightly in the stomach when summer’s heat is overbearing.  We had a bit of tomato salad and beans left over, which I’ve combined into one salad for lunch today (with more of John’s excellent bread).

Local ingredients: tomatoes, parsley, fennel, cabbage, carrot, green onion, beans, bread, eggs.


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