Apples Today, Squash Tomorrow

Locally-grown apples from Big Stone Apple Ranch are in at the Granary Co-op!  Three great varieties are in the cooler:

Cortland: yummy for fresh eating, and they cook down quickly for sauce.  If you cook them with the skins on, your sauce will have a lovely “blush.”  Good for apple jelly, too–they have a high pectin content.

Fireside: the ultimate fresh-eating apple!  Big fruits that are amazingly sweet with just a hint of that tart apple zing.  Great for tossing in your lunchbox for a nutritious snack on the go.

Haralson: traditional pie and sauce apple–they are a tart apple with a hint of fruity sweetness that comes out nicely when baked with sugar or honey and cinnamon.

Grab ’em fast!  Nine bags came in this afternoon, and an hour later, four of those were gone!  But, we will make sure to re-supply as long as the apples last.

Tomorrow (Tuesday), the Granary will be getting a load of locally-grown winter squash of several varieties from Sunrise View Farms.

We’ll be sure to provide information on the best preparation and usages for each variety.  Remember that winter squash keeps nicely for up to several months in a cool, dry place.  Stock up for hearty winter meals!

And, did you know that the Granary Co-op is an all-volunteer organization?  Worker-members are who keep the doors open!

Consider becoming a worker-member at the Co-op and for just two short shifts a month, you will receive 15% off your purchases there.

Stop in at the Co-op between 10am and 3pm Monday through Saturday for details!




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