Cleaning out the fridge (can be delicious!)

I am a food hoarder.

There, I said it.  When someone gives me something really good (or I happen to come across it on my own), I tend to eat little bits of it to stretch out the experience.

Remember that hen-of-the-woods mushroom I got?  You don’t?!?

Maitake madness

OK, maybe I’m gloating just a little bit.  It is sooo good.  And I have been savoring it a little at a time.  I had planned on finishing it up when H was here this weekend in a glut of fungal foodie bliss.

Except my son, M, was also here.  And he doesn’t dig on the fungi, if you get my drift.  I guess that’s OK–he ate about a bazillion local apples, and helped me make sauce, too.

So, H and I had our mushroom dinner last night, after M had gone back to his dad’s.  But there was no way we were going to be able to eat the rest in one sitting.  And then he left today–and took my dog with him.  Poor me.

Doggie love

[He had permission, of course, to take the dog, so she didn’t have to sit in the kennel for six days when I go to the Community Food Security Coalition Conference in New Orleans next week.]

So, I was feeling kind of sad and lonely, and I was facing a fridge full of very good things that needed eating before I leave.  What to do?

Butter n' onions

Well, I had to make myself feel better, of course.  And that started with some Organic Valley pasture butter (O. M. G. Yum.) in a pan with some thin-sliced onion from my gardens.

And then I figured I’d better use up the rest of that gorgeous, tasty mushroom.

The last of the maitake

There was a half a bag of egg noodles, too.  A little plain yogurt left in the bottom of the container and some raw milk and then the goat cheese that was pressed on me by a friend yesterday (oh, yes, and she had to press really hard ;-)).

The dish was herbed and spiced with salt, pepper, crumbled sage and hot pepper flakes.  And then I realized that mushroom and pasta and creamy sauce is really best when topped with a fine dusting of nutmeg.

Pretty sure I won't go hungry...

Now I’m not sure what to do with all the stuff that I didn’t use up in this dish.  Because in my crazed cooking-to-dispel-the-solitude, I seem to have made enough food to last me until at least the end of the week!


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