So, You’ve Got a Big Ol’ Squash…

Cut it open and scoop out the seeds...

Pile in a casserole dish and cover with foil--roast at 350 until fork-tender

Let it cool, scoop the squash out of its shell, and process or mash

Eat some now and freeze some in portioned packages!


2 responses

  1. Baked one of these the other day and decided that it tastes best as pumpkin pie instead of squash. Been growing them for three or four years and this is the first year we haven’t sold out, so I can actually use some of them for ourselves. We have found that they just don’t have the rich flavour that other squash do and we prefer them as pie. It is excellent for pie.

  2. Gloria–

    I agree–these Rouge Vifs (or Cinderella) pumpkins aren’t the most flavorful of the winter squashes–though they are better than a lot of the pumpkins that are grown for decoration rather than pies–so you get pretty and tasty!

    I’ve got a bucket of scarlet kabochas, delicatas, and spaghetti squashes to eat this winter as well. What’s your favorite winter squash?


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