Ortonville’s Central Park

Vega and I took a stroll tonight through the best-kept secret in Ortonville, Minnesota.

Central Park is at once spooky and fantastical, wild and wonderful.  Looking at the stonework, I’m guessing it was a WPA Project.

The lower parts of the park are very boggy because of all the springs that come out of the hillside, so even though there’s an old grill down there, it’s not exactly the best place for a picnic.

But it IS a great place for an adventure.  Check out the slideshow of ours below.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Can you tell I’m obsessed with the stairs and especially that stone chimney with the semi-circular bench around it?

The trail leads through the woods along the creek and up to the road near the high school.  The building pictured is, I think, the old hospital.

The show begins and ends with the view from the upper part of the park down across the lake.  The water tower in the distance is in Big Stone City, South Dakota.


One response

  1. Try Nielson Park on Park Ave. There is more to it than just the flat grassy area, there are trails and benches. We think it’s a beautiful spot. It would be a great day for a walk through there since the weather is so nice. Don’t get much better days than this in November.

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