The Day After

Aka Black Friday.

I’ve already had my first turkey sandwich (at 10am no less) and wish I’d scored some leftover cranberry sauce to put on it.  But at least I scored the turkey frame, and the stock has been simmering slowly since last night.

I doubt I’m alone in preferring the leftovers to the actual meal–no matter how great the meal is.

That heritage Bourbon Red turkey from HumbleRoots was fantastic.  There was a nice balance of light and dark meats on the bird, and I brined it overnight (covered completely in a ratio of 14 cups water to 3/4 salt plus a chopped onion and some crushed garlic) so it would stay moist.

It cooked a lot faster than I’d thought–my directions said 20 minutes per pound at 450 degrees, which would have had it done at 3:30.  Really glad we brought a meat thermometer, though–it was done at 2pm.

We stuffed it with a pretty traditional dressing of bread, onions, mushrooms, celery, a few giblets and fresh herbs–thyme, rosemary, sage.  Also according to my directions, I pre-baked the stuffing while getting the turkey ready to roast–butter and herbs under the breast skin and a rubbing of olive oil over the outside.

Alongside the bird and dressing, we had oven-baked Delicata squash boats and roasted parsnips with onions, as well as the aforementioned gingered cranberry sauce and applesauce, too.  For dessert later in the evening, a pumpkin custard poured over top of a ginger snap crust and baked.

All in all, it went off without a hitch, even with the bird being an hour and a half ahead of schedule. I’d roasted the vegetables while prepping the stuffing that morning, so they just popped in the oven for a warm-up while the turkey was resting.

The early dinner left a couple hours of daylight for some of us to take a sunny couch-nap, and some to take a chilly but invigorating walk to stimulate digestion.  I did a little of both throughout the day.

After I have one more turkey sandwich, I’ll head into town, but not to participate in the shopping frenzy this day is known for.  While I won’t participate in Black Friday, neither will I participate in “Buy Nothing Day.”

It’s more likely I’ll participate in “Plaid Friday”–a day to shop local and independently-owned stores.  But only because I might need some supplies from the downtown hardware store and building supply to work on my house.

I hope your Thanksgiving was a good one.

Local ingredients in our dinner: turkey, onions, garlic, squash, apples, parsnips, pumpkin, rum, eggnog, herbs.


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