Embracing Minnesota

Headed back north to a balmy 40-degree day on the lake.  There’s already a guy fishing on the ice–can’t believe it’s thick enough to support him, but he hasn’t dropped through yet.  In the peachy twilight and goose-clamour, he’s heading back to shore.

Swept off the 25 slushy steps down to the house to avoid a re-freezing in the winter storm projected for tomorrow, and moved the truck to higher ground after unloading.

I noticed my tags are set to expire at the end of this month, but when I stopped by the courthouse on the Friday after Thanksgiving, they were closed.  At that point I realized I might as well register my truck here and have done with it.  I live in Minnesota now.

And I live in rural Minnesota.  As I was cursing the interminable traffic light in downtown Vermillion, South Dakota this week, it occurred to me that I now reside in a place with no stoplights whatsoever.

People occasionally scoff at the one-stoplight rural town–I live in an entire county where I’ve yet to see a single traffic light anywhere.  And considering I’ve been in every town in it with a population over 100 (and some hamlets with less), I think I can safely say they don’t exist here.  And I kind of like it.

Supper was pretty pared down–I ate all the leftovers before I left, all the meat is frozen, and what few groceries I brought back with me (organic dairy products, mostly, and some corn tortillas) weren’t really the makings of a meal in themselves.

But not for tonight...

So, after re-packaging my stack of tortillas to freeze and putting some black beans in to soak for tomorrow, I heated and seasoned a package of frozen garden veggies and ate them with a couple of tortillas and some cheese.

Tonight I’ll spend a couple of hours putting away the last of the possessions I took from my house down south and moving all my storage boxes into the back part of the basement to make way for a Christmas tree in the family room.

With this last round of sand-downs, touch-ups, and possession-removals, I think I can pretty well say I’m done with the house, and when I walked out, I turned and told my old home that it’s free to seek a new owner.  I don’t know if that will help the selling process, but I’m willing to take a chance on a little superstition.

Back to work tomorrow–we’ll see what the week has planned and what compromises the Minnesota weather will persuade us to make.  We may not have stoplights, but an icy blast from the north can just as effectively encourage us to consider “stopping” for our own safety!


2 responses

  1. I never realized you could freeze tortillas. Now that I think of it, why not? Do you make your own tortillas en masse and then freeze them, or just buy in bulk?

    • Alas, I just bought them in bulk–a pack of one hundred white corn tortillas. I’d love to make them in bulk–sounds like a fun group project!

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