What Can You Imagine?

It’s no longer just word-of-mouth: Joanie’s Kitchen on Main Street in Clinton is closing its doors at the end of the year.

It’s a good-sized café space with a meeting room in back.  It has a licensed and inspected commercial kitchen.  The building is owned and maintained by the City of Clinton.  It’s right across the street from Bonnie’s Hometown Grocery.

This is a great opportunity for solid and strong local foods development in Big Stone County, and members of the local foods group and other interested parties are meeting to tour the space and discuss what possibilities it holds.

Clinton, in the center of Big Stone County, is also in many ways a center of rural revitalization in the county–the fitness center that recently opened down the street has far surpassed its initial membership goals, and Main Street Industries just had a successful fundraiser as well.  The fall market put on by Prairie V was bustling.  The local grocer is interested in carrying more local produce.

I see opportunities here for a café and coffee shop, a community hub and “third place,” a space for local foods processing, storage, and distribution.  Being able to aggregate local foods for larger orders from local institutions, and doing some of the prep-work to make those foods easier for institutions to use.  Maybe even small business incubation.

Upstairs, there’s the possibility for office and/or arts space.

If you are interested in local foods development and the possibilities this space holds, please plan to attend the walk-through of the facility at 1:30pm tomorrow (Friday) and discussion at the Memorial Center afterward.

If you’re interested but can’t make it, please feel free to contact me at 305-9685 or rebeccat(AT)landstewardshipproject(DOT)org to discuss your ideas.



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