Nothing says holiday cheer like the Christmas Bison!

It was a pretty great day–I shoveled the 37 steps down to the house last night, and I was able to get the truck out this morning to pick up a few groceries.

M and I had thought we’d get a Christmas tree today, but it didn’t happen.  We just weren’t prepared for the price tag on a fresh tree (OK–I wasn’t) or to drive many miles searching, so we went home empty handed except for a few food staples.

After French toast and maple syrup for breakfast (with eggnog in the batter!), M grabbed his sled, and I strapped on my snowshoes for the first time and blazed a trail down the hill and between the trees to lessen the chance of any major crack-ups of sled or riders.

We went out sledding three times, and we wired the fake evergreen-ery to the railing.  Lights will be strung up later–when my fingers are a little better thawed.

Oh, and have I mentioned that small frozen pumpkins make fun bowling balls?  I didn’t say “good” bowling balls or “perfectly round” bowling balls.  Their off-shape is all part of the fun.

To top off the day, we made gingerbread cookies with our four favorite cookie cutters: man, tree, star, and bison.  I figure since I make cut-out cookies (or any cookies) so seldom, I’d better use my bison whenever I can.  It makes me happy.

And what better symbol of the season than an animal evolved to weather the worst storms and plow through the deepest snow?

We had planned on doing the whole frosting-and-decoration bit as well.  But so many of those gingerbread shapes disappeared so rapidly that it’s kind of moot at this point.  They’re just as good dipped in milk!


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