Christmas Plans?

Headed west this morning to pick up my boy for the Christmas break.

He lives on the Coteau des Prairies, aka the edge of the world.  The Coteau is known for its dense fogs pretty much year ’round: when the Minnesota River Valley is clear and bright, the hills will be shrouded in this white wall of mist.

But, we’re back down in the valley here, and while it’s not sunny, at least we can see across the lake (which has curiously emptied of fishing shanties after the initial freeze-up).

We don’t have any major Christmas plans (you know, other than M asking every hour if he can open presents yet), and I guess I was a little behind in getting some idea of what we’re going to be feasting on because I keep getting asked and really had no idea.

I can tell you what I’m snacking on in the run-up to the big day: yesterday while in Clinton I bought up Bonnie’s clementines, and I might be downing an average of about four an hour.  For a person who rarely eats citrus, I’m a little-orange freak come Christmas time.

But now that there’s Nutella in the house (also from Bonnie’s), I’m varying my pre-holiday munchie menu with hazelnut-chocolate spread Kashi cheese crackers.  Seriously–don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it!

The other advantage of the munchie menu is they’re in little bites and segments.  M may say he doesn’t want a clementine, but I find if I peel and separate one and set the slices between us, his little hands will dart in on at least half the snack.

I’m also sipping on some spicy berry tea from the Granary–a new one in their collection that is not for the faint of heart: it has hot red chili in it!  I’m guessing it’s good for the circulation, and it’s pretty tasty, too.  I might switch over to the creamy-yummy smelling Lemon Solstice tea later on.

Still, a boy and his mom cannot live on snacks and spicy teas alone, so I rummaged around the freezer for the local pork shoulder roast that I’ve decided will be the Christmas meal.  There’s half a bag of Wisconsin cranberries in the fridge that look like a natural pairing with the roast, and I’ve still got plenty of fingerling potatoes from my garden.

I also pulled some frozen dough out to thaw and bake for bread–the second half of a very good whole wheat and porter batch mixed up last week.

Altogether, I think it will be a pretty decent meal–it doesn’t pay to make anything seriously fancy when M would most likely not enjoy it, but I’m not (as I joked to my colleague this morning) going to be serving mac n’ cheese for Christmas.

At least, not for the main course.

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