Leftover Lasagna

No, not lasagna that’s been sitting around for a few days.

Lasagna made out of other things that have been sitting around a few days!

Well, not quite that, either, but I did have a few bits and pieces in the fridge that needed using up: a little stub of turkey sausage given to me when I visited Lismore Colony, a few bits of chicken from one roasted on New Year’s, and some random small chunks of goatmilk feta and pepper jack.

Added to those, home-canned tomato sauce simmered with part of an onion and a whole lotta garlic, plus a package of thawed roasted summer veggies.

It just hit me this afternoon that I needed the comfort of lasagna–a food I was known to eat ridiculously huge quantities of when I was little (seven helpings in a sitting, once).  It’s not traditional, but it sure tastes good.

There aren’t going be leftovers of this dish lying around in a few days!


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