When Leftovers Get Weird…

So, I am going to write an unusual post for me.

I usually only write about the kitchen successes–the great dishes and fabulous loaves and lovely fruits and vegetables.  But trust me, not everything works out quite so well or is so sumptuously delicious around here.  Sometimes my experiments bomb.

This one wasn’t waste bin material, but it wasn’t exactly a gourmet experience either.  It started on Sunday evening, when I returned to Big Stone County and was (as I often am after hanging with my carb-fanatic kid) protein-starved.

Left to my own devices, I veer toward a protein-heavy diet, and as I was left to my own devices without much desire to cook but with an awesome craving for the building blocks of life, I made a sort of a winter bean and sardine salad.

Basically, it was a whole can of tomato-sauced sardines, a lot of raw red onion, and a can of rinsed organic garbanzo beans.  A little olive oil, a few herbs, some balsamic vinegar.  You basic dragon-breath nightmare.

After eating about 2/3 of it, I stuck the rest in the fridge until tonight, when I realized I should either eat it or toss it (and take out the trash) before heading to the cities in the morning.  Sooooo…

Since I’d recently bought a bunch of whole wheat spaghetti, I cooked up a bit, then drained, added a splash of olive oil, and then mixed in the fishy-beany-raw onion-y salad.  Then a little more tomato sauce.  Some garlic powder and black pepper.

And I topped the whole deal with some cheddar-blue cheese crumbles.

Well, it wasn’t very good, and this isn’t a recipe that I would recommend.  But it was edible, and I ate it all.  I had to because my dog wouldn’t touch it.  But she doesn’t like fish, so that’s probably why.

Sometimes, hunger is the best cook of all.

And now (at nearly ten below outside) I don’t have to take out the trash!


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