Lamb Love

Actually, my relationship with lamb goes beyond love.  It’s like a deep cultural yearning for the food of my ancestors–the same way I feel about leeks and barley–when I eat these foods, I am not so much sated as deeply, soulfully satisfied.

My dog, who is part Border Collie, is not a fan of vegetable-based foods, but even though she is generally well-behaved at dinner time, she cannot help but express extremely fond feelings when she smells lamb cooking.  She has been known to eat lamb fat-impregnated sand.

Tonight’s dinner (with leftovers for tomorrow’s lunch, of course), used up a half pound of ground grassfed lamb–which tastes much better to me than corn-fed.

If you’ve ever had lamb that was so lanolin-tasting and fatty you swore off the meat forever, I invite you to try grassfed.

The meal started with one of my last couple of garden onions and three chopped organic carrots (from Bonnie’s Hometown Grocery in Clinton) sauteed in butter and olive oil.

I added the lamb to brown, then salt, pepper, cumin seed, and cinnamon.  Once the lamb was browned and sticking slightly to the pan, I poured in a little red wine to deglaze the pan, then a pint of home-canned tomato sauce.

While the meat and veggies were simmering in the sauce, I started a little water and veggie bouillon to boil and made some whole wheat couscous to go with it.

Tasty as it was, I did feel enough empathy toward my very loving dog to share a few little pieces. I can’t tell for sure, but by the way she acts, I think we may share that ancestral craving.


3 responses

  1. Yummy– I love lamb too. I made a shepherd’s pie the other night with the last of my carrots and our own yukon golds. It was divine. I know it was a hit when Mike says “this is the kind of recipe you can double.”

  2. Sort of mirroring Kathy D’s comment, this looks almost like a take on a Shepard’s pie! Whole wheat couscous instead of mash, but it still makes my little irish heart yearn for a mouthful of lamb! 🙂

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