End of January

If you guessed that I haven’t been food blogging because I’ve been insanely busy, you’re right. But I’ve still been cooking, and I’ve still been eating.  Here are a few of the things I’ve been up to in the past week:

The Granary Coop ordered in some Bob’s Red Mill polenta (aka corn grits).  Happy me.  I made a batch with snipped dried tomatoes from my garden and crumbled cheddar-blue Dimock cheese.

I don’t even always let it “set” before digging it–I like the creamy pudding-type consistency, too.

Last week, a friend picked me up from the shop where my truck was getting some much-deserved love, and we went on a raw milk run.  I only got a gallon, and I decided to make cheese with it.

It turned out a little softer than I’d planned, but I added some garlic and dried green onion tops to make a savory, yummy spread.  I also mix this soft cheese (when I have it) with plain yogurt to make a really creamy sauce for homemade mac n’ cheese.

Yesterday afternoon I made two loaves of oatmeal-molasses bread for the producer soup supper we’d planned for tonight.  And then it started snowing.  A lot.  And our soup-maker realized she probably wouldn’t be able to get out of her road.  And maybe neither would many of the producers who live in the country.

So we called it off this morning.  And then H and I started eating the bread.  What you see above is the second loaf.  The first met its fate at breakfast.

For dinner tonight, I decided to make a lentil soup.  This one has a different spice blend than I usually use–a warming combo of cinnamon, cumin, chipotle, ancho, and Mexican oregano.

I figured the last half-loaf of bread would be toast (well, not literally–but I guess we could’ve done that, too) once the soup was ready, but H broke out a bag of blue corn chips he’d stashed for his trip, and those turned out to be an even better accompaniment.

And now, since we’re warm, cozy, and well-fed, I guess I’ll worry about digging myself out tomorrow!


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