Spring Starts This Weekend

I was all set to head down to Milan School this afternoon for an informative tour.  What I mean is that I was popping Excedrin and lurching around and telling myself I could make it down there.

And then I stopped and thought maybe I should spend some downtime drinking tea and resting instead.  Which I mostly did–along with reading and responding to e-mails and watching several episodes of Perennial Plate.

Made a batch of flatbread (basically pizza dough without toppings except that I sprinkled it with salt and chopped shallots) and had a little snack with some raw milk cheese and red onions that I pickled in balsamic vinegar.

I had that onion in the fridge for a couple of weeks before I realized that it needed to be better preserved or I’d never get through it all.  So, I boiled some balsamic vinegar and a little salt, sliced the onion, and tossed them all together in a mayonnaise jar and stuck it in the fridge.

Got back from Fargo and the NPSAS Conference yesterday and temps were in the twenties.  The roads were terrible coming back, but I traded in my light pickup while I was up there and came back with a new(er) Subaru.  Finally decided I was sick of taking my life in my hands each time I set out on the road.  Well, I guess I decided that awhile ago, but it took a bit to act on that decision.

Today is miserably cold, but at least it’s sunny.  Yesterday I was really wishing for those yellow high-contrast glasses because going out to pick up the dog from the kennel, everything was so white I couldn’t tell where road met field met sky–which is a helpful thing to know even if you do have all wheel drive.

We’re all worn out on winter, I think.  Maybe not those snowmobilers who keep whipping by on the lake, but surely every other marginally sane person.

It seems that every event planned this last couple of months needed to be rescheduled at least once because of snow or wind or brutal cold. It shouldn’t be so hard to come together.  It shouldn’t be so hard to get up my stairs, either, except I’ve pretty much given up on trying to keep them clear.  The path behind the house is so elevated with packed snow, I can karate-kick icicles off the eaves.

After a few more days of “Brrrrrr” (no kidding, this is how they forecasted the temps on MPR), it’s supposed to warm up again on Friday, and then even be above freezing Saturday and Sunday–which is as far ahead as they’re telling right this moment.

With a current temp of -6 on our way down to another twenty-below night, I’m going to head off to bed early and dream that this is the end of the cold and misery–Spring starts this weekend.

Maybe we can finally have that producer meeting–before the drifted-in roads get flooded out.


3 responses

  1. You’ve been on the go! I have a hard time doing any evening things these days, other than snuggling in with a good book and my lap dog. I am feeling Oh-So-Hardy after 2 days of traversing the winter roads and sub zero temps! Even my car has deserted me, sliding sideways out of the garage and plopping decidedly into the largest snow drift. Thankfully, we have the old bomb 4-w truck to provide transport.
    I can’t believe the Forum is a mere 2-1/2 weeks away. Where we to have a tc conference ?? I don’t believe one ever made it into my calendar. Stay Warm!

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