No, I didn’t head out on a snowboard today.  I spent a couple of hours this evening shredding documents that I’ve been dragging around three four! states and in some cases, for over twenty years.

I actually still had my Vermont and federal tax returns from 1989.  Jeez.  I shredded those along with all the old bank statements, mortgage papers, student evaluations from my teaching career, contracts, old pay stubs when they still gave us an honest-to-goodness paper check–with social security numbers on them.

All told I ended up with three bags, much compressed, of document confetti.

I probably should have done this earlier, except when I relocated to Minnesota, I basically just tossed everything in boxes and got a move on.  So, since the weather wasn’t conducive to moving boxes today, I spent a little time reducing the amount of stuff I’m going to have to move.

I also baked a ham–the last (so far as I know) from one of the hogs raised on H’s farm down in Vermillion.  I carved a little off yesterday for a split pea soup, and then the rest went in the oven alongside a loaf of oatmeal bread, bedded on sliced onions and covered with a jar of home-canned brandied sour cherries and sprinkled with cardamom, garlic powder, and black pepper.

Sour cherries are the best in my book.  Cherries for eating out of hand are sweet and good and all, but they don’t have nearly the depth and intensity of flavor of the old-fashioned pie-making types.  And I think they’re better for combining with savory dishes as well.  Pineapple is nice with ham, but sour cherries and onions are awesome.

Which brings me to the question–does anyone have a pie cherry tree they’ll need help picking this summer in exchange for a portion of the fruit?

I’ll do the pickin’ if you’ll do the grinnin’.  But you have to pit your own…



2 responses

  1. Gotta get that brandied sour cherry recipe. Reminds me of the brandied peaches my friend Don and I used to can. I gave a few pints to my teetotaler mom for Christmas without checking the labels carefully. She thought they were extraordinary tasting peaches!

    • Extraordinary, indeed! I also do brandied peaches with a little cinnamon in the syrup–Harry likes them, so I say if he buys the peaches, I will can them.

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