Finally in Clinton

Well, now!  It certainly has been awhile since I posted here, hasn’t it?

This was the last load in my move to the Clinton house–my pink kayak and a very bored sleepy boy.

I want to give a huge shout-out to all the farmers, carpenters, grocers, restaurant owners, Minnesotans and South Dakotans (and yes, even Vermonters afar) who made this move more bearable.  I hope I can stay here for at least a couple of years–in sight of the Clinton water tower, and with my desk facing the lengthy backyard I hope to be tilling a sizable chunk of if the snow ever melts.

To celebrate, a chicken from Mike and Kathy’s farm, purchased at The Granary Coop (out of their new upright display freezer) is roasting in the oven–having been massaged with Minnesota butter from Hope Creamery, shallots from my gardens, and various herbs from the cupboard.  We hope to get a glimpse of the perigee “super moon” tonight through the grey that has clung to our skies throughout the day.

After the last of the furniture, bikes, household goods, and garden implements got here, M and I took a little stroll around the town–getting ourselves and the dog some exercise after having been snowed in at the lake for what seems like months.

Back at the house, I put a few more things away, did a little laundry, blazed a few backyard bathroom trails for the dog, and just vegged out on the couch for a bit, considering what to do next.

Then, I plugged in my laptop, set it up on the big metal desk that was one of the last pieces of furniture to make it here today, and finally got back to this blog.


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