ServSafe Study Group Forming

Are you in the Big Stone Lake Area?  And, are you, or is someone you know, interested in ServSafe/Certified Food Manager certification for restaurant, institutional kitchen, catering, or small food business employment opportunities?

We are organizing a study group to take the ServSafe course by correspondence, and to arrange for a final exam proctor for this area.  While you can take the correspondence course on your own, we hope that providing a study group option will help motivate and support a larger group as well as allowing broader discussion of the materials.

While ServSafe certification is necessary for those managing commercial kitchens, it can also be helpful for those seeking employment in the food industry.  The information provided in the course is also useful to those involved in farmers markets, community events, church functions, and other gatherings where food is handled, sold, and served.

If you’d like to be involved in the study group, please contact me at to get on the e-mail list.

There is no charge to be involved in the study group, though you will need to purchase your course materials and licensing.  Information on necessary materials will be available through the group.


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