A Simple Soup

I brought back a great number of parsnips from the farm this weekend, but I hadn’t yet eaten any of the spring-dug crop.

Tonight, I remedied that.

With butter melting in the pot, I sliced a whole onion to sauté.  Then, five organic carrots and several parsnips were scrubbed, chopped, and dropped into the pot.  After cooking the vegetables for about ten minutes, I added a few spices: marjoram, cinnamon, a little garlic powder, ground chipotle pepper, salt, and pepper.

Then, the last quart of chicken stock went in along with an equal measure of water.  The vegetables simmered until tender, cooled a little, and then I stuck in the immersion blender to partially smooth and thicken the soup.  A little milk, some correcting of seasonings, and…voila!  Deliciousness.


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