The Rhythm of the Season

It’s after eight o’ clock, and I’ve just made it in the door.  At half past five, I took my nightly ramble with the dog–so perfect out! When we got back, I couldn’t really think about supper yet–maybe just a snack–garden projects called, and I still hadn’t finished removing the landscape rock from the front bed.

Well, I have now.  And I removed the brick dividing the bed and used it to contain an edging of the rock right along the foundation.  Below the spigot, I placed a terracotta saucer with a bit of washed sand in it–and a little water for those early pollinator-foragers.

Not that there’s a lot of bees out yet–I have yet to see even a dandelion in bloom (Can’t believe I am saying that!  It’s nearly mid-April!), but who knows what thirsty little early-risers will find a drink and be grateful.

Come summer, I’ll be up and working in the as-yet-to-be-filled-or-tilled vegetable gardens at six am (or earlier!)–beating the heat of the day.  But during the spring, the warmest part of the day is most glorious–evenings when the work day is done and the sun remains high in the sky.  Even after the most exhaustive and mind-bending eight or ten hours of my day job, I get a rush of energy thinking about sinking my hands in the soil.

How ’bout you?


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