A Stroke of Work

I don’t have any images to share of this evening’s garden project–I worked until it was too dark to take one.

Now that the plastic and rocks are off the bed along the sidewalk, I started digging out the other front bed.  It has a few perennials in it–a rosebush, what looks like a worse-for-wear honeysuckle vine, some bee balm, and some kind of gaillardia or rudbeckia.  A stonecrop on the corner.

It’s funny–except for the bee balm, these are all plants I had in beds around the front corner of my house down in Vermillion.  Right down to the rosebush under the window and the stonecrop on the corner.

There were bachelor’s buttons in there, too, and some were even starting to come up.  But, with so many little weeds germinating and invasive grass sprouting, I’m afraid I had to slice them out.  More will sprout, or I’ll just throw some more seed in there.

There was no barrier around that garden save a permeable-around-the-edges border of stones.  All the stone had to be removed, and I used my flat-bladed spade to cut a neat edge about 6 inches outside the old line and then cut the sod into chunks to lift out and toss in the wheelbarrow.

There had been a length of black plastic edging in the bed with all the landscape rock (which sits between the foundation and the front walk), and I pulled that out to use where it’s actually needed–to keep grass from invading the stone-edged bed and to make a neat border for mowing or trimming.

I suppose I could’ve done the job in two nights, but already the weather is starting to change–a breeze picked up and it started to cool off.  The sun set into a band of darker clouds.  Knowing it could get wet and chilly again, I made up my mind to see the whole job through in one night.

Some of the cut-out sod went (flipped over) into the bottom of a raised bed; the rest went in the compost pile (it was getting too dark to tell if the clumps were landing soil-side-up).

Once the bed was sharply edged with the spade and the barrier laid in, the stone border went back in place–just on the inside of the edging and weighing it down a little on the bottom.  That edging–memorizing its curve from so many seasons in one configuration–was being kind of unreasonable about lying “just right” in its new home.

There’s a pile of stones left over–there were some random ones in the middle of tonight’s project bed, and more on the edge of the garden I liberated from landscape rock and soil-suffocating plastic sheeting.  They went in a corner of the driveway to await other projects.

I’m thinking a fire ring!


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