The Farmers Arms

A day or two before I left Vermont, my mom asked me the usual question: “Is there anything you want…you know…in case something happens?”  Having gone out to help on the occasion of her breast cancer surgery, this was a pretty grim and scary reminder that things…happen.

It wasn’t a question I really wanted to think about, but being a practical Yankee and all, and being pressed to make some answer, I said that I would like to have a Farmers Arms cup.

And it came in the mail today.  This is how it reads:

Let the Wealthy & Great,
Roll in Splendor & State,
I envy them not I declare it:
I eat my own Lamb,
My chickens and Ham,
I shear my own Fleece & I wear it.

I have Lawns, I have Bow’rs,
I have Fruits, I have Flow’rs,
The Lark is my morning alarmer:

So jolly Boys now,
Here’s God speed the Plough,
Long Life & Success to
the Farmer.

Thanks, Mom. And, no, the handle didn’t break in shipping. ♥


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    • I could not even find the author in a quick internet search. There are other verses, too–maybe not original. But, by all means–share!

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