Sweet Onions & Afternoon Adventures

We (the dog and I) made it out to Bonanza Prairie after all–in a sunny couple of hours between cloudbursts.  The Dutchman’s breeches are blooming.

It was hard to get a good image with the wind and my phone camera that for some reason doesn’t always want to focus correctly.  At least that’s my excuse for a not-great image.  Saw a few deer, a Western red garter snake, an Eastern race (golden) garter, and a frog.  Vega took a dip in the lake. I could tell she enjoyed it, but it was a bit more chilly than she expected.

And, as I sat typing this, I found my first tick of that outing.

About five minutes after we returned, the sky opened up again, and this time we got a little hail along with the rain.  Not too much–just enough for me to run out in my socks like a crazy woman and pull plants not yet in the ground back toward the house.

During an earlier cloudburst, I made balsamic roasted sweet onions.

The rule is from Fields of Greens cookbook–take sweet onions (or red onions), top n’ tail them and take off the outer layer of skin, rub them all over with olive oil, salt and pepper them, then throw them in the oven at 375 degrees until they can be pierced with a fork (but are not mushy).  It takes anywhere from an hour to two depending on the size of your onions.

Take the onions out of the baking dish, pour a quarter cup of water in the bottom to deglaze.  Toss the resulting juice in a saucepan with 1/3 cup balsamic vinegar, cook it down a few minutes, then pour it over the onions–which you’ve halved cross-ways.  I usually use a little thyme or rosemary in the syrup as well.

Red ones are prettier, but these sweet yellows are awfully tasty, too.  You can serve half a balsamic-drenched onion as a side dish and chop leftovers for pizza or pasta or what-have-you.  If I were serving these to company, I might broil the tops (previously the insides) of the halved onions just for looks.



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