Post-Rapture Asparagus Omelet

Well, we’re still here.  How ’bout you?

Since we didn’t get taken up in yesterday evening’s forecasted rapture (though I was unclear whether that 6pm time was central or mountain), I decided to make a rite-of-Spring re-birth omelet this morning using local eggs from Draeger-Jorgenson Farms and Joanne Svendsen, too. (And Kathy, I have a five dollar bill with your name on it if you’re reading this.)

The asparagus is from Rocky Gardens out of Milbank–purchased at the Big Stone Lake Area Farmers Market in Ortonville’s Lakeside Park yesterday morning.  Goat feta from Two Rivers Dairy purchased at The Granary.

Technique is simple: toss about a half inch of water in the bottom of the frying pan and simmer the asparagus spears ’til they’re just barely tender.  Plate them, dump the water, wipe out the pan, and melt a couple tablespoons of butter in it.  Add 8 eggs beaten with whatever herbs and spices you like.

Turn on the broiler at this point.  Break up a chunk of feta (or grate a different variety of cheese). When the eggs start to firm up on the stovetop, lay in the asparagus spears and sprinkle on the cheese.  When the bottom layer of egg is firm, stick the skillet under the broiler to cook the top.

So yummy, you’ll be glad you were left behind.

By the way, I spotted local eggs from the above-mentioned Draeger-Jorgenson farm along with the local produce from Sunrise View Farms at Bonnie’s Hometown Grocery in Clinton. Not sure what day the eggs get delivered, but Thursday morning is produce arrival time.


3 responses

  1. Rebecca — I love your recipe and the side-serving of perspective for the omelet. Beautiful. Just can’t get enough asparagus when it’s in. I almost always go with a milder cheese for some reason — like a mozzarella. I’ll have to try the feta, though.
    I’ll also have to graduate from my 3-4 egg omelets to 8. Impressive! ‘Course, I do flip mine closed.

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