Magic Shed

This is my garden shed.  OK, it’s the shed that came with the place I’m renting.

It doesn’t look like much, but I think it must be magic because everytime I need a tool (no longer having barns-full at my disposal), I’ve found it in there.

Nevermind that it gives me the willies to set foot in there–brown recluse spiders, anyone?–when I’ve found myself rock rake-less or furrowing tool-less, I rummaged through the recesses and found both there.

The magic may be wearing thin–maybe it’s a 3 wishes kind of thing–because the last thing I needed was an extra length of hose, and while I did find it there, it was crusty and had undergone multiple repairs, most of which were coming apart at the seams.  Ah, well.

I suppose I could go in and organize the rest of what’s there, but that would empty out the well of discovery. And there are plenty of other projects to tackle.

The raised bed of greens is growing great gangbusters.  I’ve made several clippings of arugula and am pulling a few golden Helios radishes every day (mostly for their greens).

The spinach germination was sad and sparse, but everything else looks happy and healthy–especially the Hakurei turnips.  They might be slow to develop, sensing my looming, salivating presence ready to yank them up and gobble them down!

With the onset of summer heat, I’ll probably call one cutting of arugula good enough and pull the roots once I finish giving the patch one good harvest. There’s plenty more seed to go in the ground.

Almost all of the direct-seeded crops are going in these raised beds this season because my in-ground gardens are freshly broken, hence weedy.  With a blast of dry weather over the weekend, I’ve managed to get a handle on the re-emerging grass and seedlings, and everything looks more or less tidy.  As long as the gardens stay that way, I might chance a fall greens seeding in-ground.

For now, the 20 x 30 bed here at home looks a little sparse–planting came late, and between cold, rainy spells and furnace-blast heat and wind, it hasn’t exactly been an ideal growing season so far.  But what growing season is ever ideal?  The Mandan Bride corn has shot up anyway–four days ago it was just peeking through the soil–now some of the plants are 4″ tall. Time to plant some shells beans in the middle of those rows.

In the meantime, I still have a pile of soil in my side yard that looks big enough to fill a fourth raised bed.  One of these days I’ll make the lumber yard trip (who am I kidding? it’s right across the street!) to order supplies and build it.

And have I mentioned the 40 x 80′ plot on a friend’s farm? That’s about half full, but I have more-or-less of a plan to fill it up once we get some trellising and the bamboo poles arrive. So far, there are 2 double rows of leeks, 2 beds of potatoes, 3 of tomatoes, and 3 of sweet peppers out there.  It’s not as diverse a planting as I usually do (no sugar snap peas, broccoli, raab, bok choi, spring cabbage, etc. this year)–more of a fill-the-larder style plot.

The 95-degree heat has subsided this morning, too, so instead of watering and then hiding out in the house, I might be able to tackle a couple more planting tasks amongst the work day projects.

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