Garden Friends

Warning! If you are my mom, or anyone else who really dislikes slithery creatures, the images in this post are not for you.

Busier day than I’d planned, but I still got out to the gardens to hoe for a little over an hour.  The place is looking pretty weedy (and prickly, with all the Canada thistle emerging) after all the rain, so with my trusty stirrup hoe in hand, I tackled about five rows.  That was a little less than a third, but a good start.  There will be some visitors on the farm this weekend, so I don’t want to be embarrassed by my weedy mess.

Started weeding out the two double rows of leeks and realized I’d missed the “hand-weeding window.”  That’s the time after a rain where the soil is moist enough to pull them out easily without disturbing the roots of neighboring plants.

Considering how wet the town garden is still, I hadn’t thought the farm garden could get so dry so fast.  The leeks were trenched in pretty deep though, so I don’t think I did any damage with the pulling I did do.

It’s a learning process–new soils, new moisture levels.

Snapped a couple of cool images in the last few days as well, both at the home gardens (OK, actually the home garage).  The blue damselflies have been plentiful for some time now, but the dragonflies have only just emerged in the last few days.

Another bug-eating friend I have been seeing around is a good-sized garter snake.  This morning, I figured out where she/he lives.  I was running back and forth out the back door taking the dog out and gathering flowers for a new Kitchen bouquet, and every time I went out, the garter snake retreated to the space between the house and garage.  When I went in, it came back out to take in the morning sun.

I had to be pretty patient (and watch where my shadow was falling) to get some shots.

After awhile, I think it got used to me.  As long as my shadow didn’t fall across him, he didn’t seem to mind my presence.

Obviously, I am OK with snakes–they are great garden friends, though this one startled me a bit when I first spotted him.  I snake-sat a 6 foot Burmese python once (I named her Mama Cass), so a garter seems pretty devoid of menace.  This one doesn’t look like he could eat the neighborhood cats.


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