Diving into the Wreck

I guess since the sign’s up, it’s safe to share that during the course of inspections, it began to seem likely that my house fire was caused by someone rather than something. The sheriff’s deputy and fire marshal told me yesterday that they were planning on putting this up.

Stopped by The Cabin for a breakfast sandwich on the way to getting the garage cleared out, and a couple of people had seen it already–I missed it yesterday late afternoon when I went to harvest the gardens because I pulled in below the house.

Except for pulling my houseplants outside to see what makes it and what’s a goner, I didn’t spend too much time inside–the air is really toxic–dusty and smoky.

Otherwise, I’ve been trying to get back to work–setting up meetings and getting paperwork done in town and on the farm.  Spent a few hours cutting up and cooking down tomatoes last night, and I hope to can them tonight.

It looks like the best way to deal with the wreckage is to set up some sawhorse-and-plywood tables in the garage to just get stuff removed and catalogued, but so far I haven’t got the insurance check to rent the dumpster or the storage shed. Hopefully today.

And then I suppose eventually I should be looking for a new place to live.  I have been pretty happy with the little Scamp trailer so far–it’s very manageable–but it doesn’t have a heater.

Summer’s waning fast, and there’s much too much to do.  I’d better get on it.



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