Fire & Water

Yet another busy day, but with much accomplished.  This morning, the farm mistress and I were up and at ’em early (as usual–I only ignore the rooster when I’m really exhausted–I don’t think Joelie ever does).  I hauled in the two trugs of tomatoes (maybe 30-40 lbs. total after we found another bag I’d put in the back room a couple days ago), and we washed, cut, and pureed them into a couple of pots to cook down.

They simmered all day while we went about our busy business. I hung a couple loads of laundry on the line, spent a couple hours on work calls, then headed off to Clinton to meet with today’s house fire cleanup crew.

We got a LOT done. Miss Amy brought the big truck and trailer, and we got every stick of furniture in the house either pitched in the dumpster or loaded onto the trailer. Miss Sam showed up on her rounds about town and offered to pitch in, so I had her counting garden seed packs and tossing all the stuff on the junk table into the dumpster after I snapped a few images.

Meanwhile, Miss Steph was busy down at the Kitchen scrubbing up (or trying, at least) all the sooty kitchenware to see what will survive.

Once the trailer was loaded with the few salvageable furniture items, we headed off to Borrowed Farm to pick up the rest of the larger items from the original garage cleanout–then off to the storage unit to unload.

Back to Clinton to tidy up a bit more and then back to Twin Brooks farm for supper.  The tomato sauce is luxuriously thick now, and I’ve got seven quarts in the water bath canner while I type this–plus four or five more for a second batch when those come out.

The storage onions I’ve had curing outside for a few days are finally starting to look done–pulled together the edges of the tarp they’re on and stowed them in back of the Subaru (and away from the dew) for the night.  Took down and folded laundry.

I’m really looking forward to finally being able to put on some of my clothes that aren’t the vacation stuff I brought to Vermont three and a half weeks ago.  I’ve been living out of a suitcase for about twice as long as I’d planned–now I’m living out of a suitcase and a laundry basket! Things are indeed looking up.

But before I slip out of these soot-smeared, tomato-spattered grubbies and into something a little less–er, familiar, canning needs finishing and a hot water bath for me (not just the tomatoes) is an absolute must.

Then off to bed until the rooster crows to life another busy day.


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