My “Urban” Farm

So, I hope I don’t jinx it because I haven’t got absolute, final word on financing yet, but the owner signed the deal, and we’re heading toward closing on October 6th.

I giggle about the “urban” in the title of this post because it’s in Clinton–a city of about 450 souls.

But with a double lot, there’s a lot of production that can happen on this property, and there’s a lot of possibility for things like summer/commercial kitchen space and storage as well.  I’ve already admired the next-door neighbor’s gardens and stands of asparagus and berries.  A kindred soul!

While I wait for the last word from the bank, I’ve got plenty to do this weekend–still working on the insurance reporting from the house fire, digging potatoes, and finishing up the applesauce canning from the 74lbs. of fruit I picked a few days ago.

We only made sauce from about half the apples, and the other half need to be dealt with in some way as well–we’ve done a couple dehydrator’s full of slices, and I’ll get on a third batch in a few minutes.

The farm mistress and I had a discussion the other morning about what else is coming down the line–peppers in large quantity, more tomatoes, leeks, squash, potatoes, muskmelons, and a few other fruits of the harvest–some of which only need to be stored, and some of which need a preservation plan.

While I was not sure I’d be in good shape in terms of canned and preserved goods for the coming winter, I’m doing OK with some of the basics–applesauce, tomato sauce, and some peach salsa.  But, I am still way behind in a lot of the projects I’d usually do (and missing a lot of things I usually do only every other year–relish, hot sauce, pickled things, and the like).

So, while we work together to figure out the next month’s worth of preservation projects, I’m also looking forward to moving into my new place with a not-too-bare pantry of good stuff. Fingers still crossed!


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