A Lot of Work. A Little Progress.

I spent most of the day yesterday removing wallpaper in an upstairs bedroom. As with the hallway, the more I work, the more layers I discover. While there don’t appear to be quite as many layers in the bedroom (maybe 4?), it’s still an arduous process with hot water-and-vinegar spray and the plastic scraper.

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This evening, I decided to take a break from wallpaper and focus on my ugly little cave of a bathroom.

It’s actually not quite as ugly now that I’ve scrubbed the heck out of all the walls and pulled off all the wood “accessories”–the towel pegs and toilet paper holder and light switch cover, and removed the particleboard shelves with the rusting brackets. Now I’ve just got a whole heckuva lot of holes in the wall–holes that need filling and sanding down around the edges.

So, that’s the next step before priming over the peachy pink and stenciled green garland. I’d like to rip out the peeling old vinyl floor in there, too. And there’s the cracked sink basin and the blocky old vanity it sits in.

There are just so many choices of projects to work on, there’s hardly any excuse to get bored. I could even switch back over to wallpaper for a little while.

On second thought, I think I’ll wait for that steamer I ordered tonight.


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