Make a Day of It in Clinton Tomorrow!

Big doin’s in our little town tomorrow!

Bonnie’s Hometown Grocery is having their greenhouse (officially called Bonnie’s Bloomers!) open house tomorrow. The truck came Monday, and there’s lots and lots of lovely annuals, perennials, baskets (hanging and not), veggies, bedding plants–oh, you know–the whole she-bang.

Hanging Baskets!

With Mother’s Day coming up next weekend–wouldn’t it be a great time to pick up that special basket or planter–a little ahead of the game this year? Hmm?

Word has it that the piano exhibit at the Memorial Building, “Keeping Time” will be open and accepting visitors. Great collection of pianos–and this coming from a person who once lived in a house with four of them. Fabulous fact: while you may think “drums and cowbell” when you think of percussion instruments, a piano is also a percussion instrument! How ’bout that?

And don’t ask me how many musicians I’ve lived with in order to gain that precious piece of information.

Later on in the afternoon/evening, The Cabin Cafe will be holding a Texas wild hog supper (with salads, dessert, and drink). They’re “raising the roof to raise the roof”–literally! The fundraiser is to help repair/replace the roof on the classic Highway 75 diner. The poster says 6pm, but rumor has it the house will be rockin’ earlier than that–and there will be a pottery show and sale along with the dining festivities.

Hope to see you in Clinton!


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