The last couple of months have been a blur of activity–traveling and working between my home and that of my fiance ninety minutes away. But the Christmas cheer is no less because of it–I haven’t had a “family” Christmas in years, and I’m thoroughly enjoying this one.

Our menu is a bit international, with John and I and our two exchange students all participating in food preparation. Last night, I assisted our Spanish student making paella (his first!), and tonight, our student from Hong Kong is prepping a soup from his home country. I feel honored that he’s asked me to make the rice, as he’s determined I’m the most capable in the household of doing it right.

This morning, I prepped my own contribution: a sort-of New England style fish chowder. It has smoked salmon, plus potatoes and onions from my gardens. But that chowder will be for Christmas Day–as non-traditional as the thing turned out to be, two cardinal rules of fish chowder-making will be observed: it will ripen overnight, and it won’t contain corn.

Our sons Martin and Jacob haven’t been participating in the cooking, but they certainly have been eating–especially John’s pecan-mint-chocolate chip cookies! They also helped finish off decorating the tree this afternoon.

After tomorrow’s lunch, we’ll be packing up and heading off to Norway for a week to visit more family (nope, neither of us are Scandinavian, that’s just where the family is congregating). I’m excited in that, not-really-sure-what-I’m-in-for kind of way. Just going with the flow and making sure I don’t forget my passport, a couple of good books, and a half dozen little clementines to munch on during the long flight.

Have a great holiday, holidays, or just wonderful days whatever you celebrate or don’t!


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  1. HAVE A WONDERFUL, MEMORY MAKING ADVENTURE!!! and for all us norsky’s….. raise a cup of cheer to us when you are in our distant homeland:) look forward to hearing all about it upon your return!!

  2. Hope you had a great trip, Rebecca, and Happy New Year. Just wanted to share that I’ve signed up for a distant education Permaculture Workshop that’s a work-at-your-own-pace kinda thing that I thought maybe you might want to know. about The workshop leader runs Glacial Lakes Permaculture out of Estelline, SD and the course starts January 15th. It just seems like a great way to design some of our farmland and even residential property for perennial food growing and an optimum ecosystem. Anyway, if you or anyone you know is interested, here’s the link: http://glaciallakespermaculture.org/permaculture_design_courses_pdc

    Be well and I look forward to an update on your trip!

    • Mary–
      I’ve known Karl at Glacial Lakes Permaculture for a few years. I did the intro class there in Estelline a couple of years ago. I think you’ll really enjoy the class!

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